Scale of Fees for 2018:

Annual Membership Fee


These costs are additional to the relevant membership fee noted above. Full payment for both annual membership and the course is required on the first night.

Single Course:

Single Course Examples:

10 Class Card:

  • 10 Class Card - Members may purchase a 10 class card for $100 and use it when you wish. You still require membership.

10 Class Card Examples:

On the first night it would be your annual membership fee plus the 10 class card fee (eg $120, $130, or $140.)

Annual Fee:

  • Annual fee for first dog for one nights training per week - $150
  • Annual fee for an additional dog or for the first dog with an extra night. - $75

Annual Fee Examples:

Don't forget to add your relevant membership fee

  • 1 dog Tuesday - $150
  • 1 dog Tuesday & 1 dog Thursday - $225
  • 2 dogs Tuesday - $225
  • 2 dogs Tuesday & 1 dog Thursday - $300
  • 2 dogs Tuesday & 2 dogs Thursday - $375

Membership Form

Please fill out and submit our membership application form prior to coming out to class for the first time. This helps to speed up the check-in process and prevents congestion at the check-in table.

Payment Methods Available

Please be aware that the club does not have credit card or EFTPOS facilities.  We can only accept the following forms of payment:

Please email the club with details of the deposit and ensure that you provide an appropriate identifier otherwise the payment will be treated as a donation.

Account Name -  Fred's Pass Positive Dog Training Club
BSB -  085-949
Account - 553075782